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Mangalacharan 3

भवानीशंकरौ वन्दे श्रद्धाविश्वासरूपिणौ।
याभ्यां विना न पश्यन्ति सिद्धाः स्वान्तःस्थमीश्वरम्‌॥2॥

भावार्थ:-श्रद्धा और विश्वास के स्वरूप श्री पार्वतीजी और श्री शंकरजी की मैं वंदना करता हूँ, जिनके बिना सिद्धजन अपने अन्तःकरण में स्थित ईश्वर को नहीं देख सकते॥2॥ BK. Sh.2

So Goswami ji is now paying to Sri Sankar Bhagwan and Maata Parvati. To people new to Indian mythology, but aware of the complex DemiGod relationships, it may seem surprising how the son (Ganesh Ji) is prayed to before his parents. However, philosophically as well as mythologically, we are in right to do so.
Shiv Parivar

  1. Ganesh Ji was accepted as the first among peers during any sort of Puja, or ceremony. So, it is appropriate to seek his blessings.
  2. Lord Shiv and Mata Parvati have been denoted as 'Shraddha and Vishwas' literally meaning deep faith and reverence. However, one has to understand that translations can never be literal. With deep faith, there still is a probability of it going wayward. With reverence, there is still a scope to evaluate the object of reverence and at some point it is possible to lose that deep seated respect and trust. However, Shraddha and Vishwas' are not so easy to lose. They manifest after multiple stages of knowledge and bhakti
  3. Letters and language (Ganesh - Saraswati) are needed to express one's devotion to Lord Ram, but after you are blessed with knowledge and literary skill, humility and ability to express, what will one narrate if one does not revere one's hero? If there's no faith in the narrative, what's the point of the literary skill. This faith, this reverence, cannot be attained by one's own pursuits alone. 
 It is in order to be able to see and envision the Supreme God, seated deep within one's Atman, that one needs the Shraddha and the Vishwas. It is in order to seek that ultimate blessing, that Goswamiji begs to Shiv-Parvati. 

Side Note : Shivji is the Greatest Knowledgeable Devotee of Shri Ram. Mata Parvati is not just His Divine Consort but also His disciple and hence the ideal personification of reverence, trust, faith and enlightenment. It is only very natural that Goswamiji begs for their blessings as he aspires to narrate His Lord's pastimes.

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